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Legendary Officers

Officer Creation Chart

4LD or LL
5LE or LP
7roll on new LO chart
9LS or LMM
10LD or LB
12LC (LA if needed)

New LOs
11WC (PF)

RollHull Assignment

New Officers

(A12.30) New Legendary Officers

f) Master Tactician (MT)* In combat a MT can either give the SQ they are in FF-I (or increase FF one level), or down grade an enemy SQs FF status. The MT allows their SQ to have +5% into reserve (or 1). Only one MT can function is a combat group (See A12.32b).
g) Repair Sargent (RS) A RS completely repairs a ship they are assigned 1 segment after any battle anywhere. The RS increases the SRV of a repair ship they are attached by 2 ships/turn. The RS cannot repair crippled ships.
h) Legendary Trade Official (TO)* A TO is assigned to a single TP and adds +5% or 50EP (whichever is greater) each turn. If the TP is raided there is a 50% chance they will be killed. If assigned to a friendly system they swing the morale by 4 in the most favorable way for their empire.
i) Electronics specialist (ES) In combat, they may chose to nullify one enemy's ship special attack each round on a roll of 1-3d6 (aka 50%). The ES may also see nullify any SJ or decoy sensor 75% of the time. Note: "Reserve Status" (A10.40a) may not be nullified even though it is a "special attack".
j) Master Financier (MS)* A MS is assigned to the GBC they shift all transactions for his empire +15% in favor (to a maximum of 150EP). If assigned to a ship and that ship heads into a friendly system (including allied) they will grant that ship 10EP as if it were from EEM (B3.100). The MS increases the morale of any friendly/allied system they are visiting by 1.
k) FTR SQ commander (Wing Commander) / PF/INT Commander (Wing Commander) A SQ commander is assigned to a FTR SQ or Flotilla. Wing Commander adds 30% to the AF and DF of the unit they command. If they actually go out with the unit in combat they double these values (but shares their fate).
l) Legendary Explorer (LX) A LX adds 0.25% to the MRR of the SR they are assigned each turn. This stacks with any and all other rules that increase/decrease MRR rates. Only one LX can be in a MRR group. Any ship they are on surveys space twice as fast. A roll for the size ship they can operate on is not made- they may only operate on an SR. The LX can not speed up the rate that unnav space can be turned into unsurveyed space.
Notes: *= See C14.50, they may also NOT be replicated by PT (Prime Team).

Rulings and Cross References

B3.40 reference to LX (Legendary Explorer) needed.

Q: Can a LP and a LA working as a LP work on the same project?
A: No

LSO does not turn a ship into a scout should be noted in B3/A11 rules

A LP can not be assigned to a LOS

If you get a non-sensical officer (example: a wing commander for PFs before PF tech is available), then reroll.

In cases where a ship has a LN (which increases the BPV by a fixed amount) and a LC/LWO (which increases BPV by a fixed amount or a percentage), add the LN's BPV contribution before doing the multiplication computations. In other words: ((BPV+LN) * (1 + LC% + LWO%)). A 200BPV ship with all three LOs would have a BPV of 294 [ (200+10) * (1 + 0.25 + 0.15) ]

Legendary Officer percentage bonuses are additive not multiplicative with crew quality ones. A complex example: CCXo (BPV 240 for the CCX), with a LC acting as a LC (+25% or 25BPV), LWO (15%/15BPV), LN (10BPV), and a prime team for good measure (50BPV): (240+10+50) * (1 + 0.5 + 0.25 + 0.15).

Legendary Officer Role Substitution

A Legendary Captain (A12.20(a)), Legendary Admiral (A12.211), or Prime Team (C14.50) may act as some other legendary officers. The table below shows the legal alternatives for the three types.
Legendary AdmiralYNN
Legendary CaptainYYN
Legendary Weapons OfficerYYY
Legendary DoctorYNY
Legendary EngineerYYY
Legendary Marine MajorYYY
Legendary Science OfficerYYY
Legendary Logistics OfficerYYY
Legendary NavigatorYNY
Legendary Base CommanderYNY
Legendary Operations OfficerYNY
Legendary Ground Forces OfficerYNY
Legendary ProfessorYNN
Master TacticianYYN
Repair SargentYYY
Electronics specialistYYY
FTR SQ commander (Wing Commander)YYY
PF/INT Commander (Wing Commander)YYY
Legendary Trade OfficialYNN
Master FinancierYNN
Legendary ExplorerYNY

Editorial Comments

Wearing my player hat-
Keep in mind that there are corner cases where LO's can stack in interesting ways. A RS plus LE can soak up several damage points per round via the LE, and the RS can (after battle) repair any leftover damage. In a heated battle that adds up.
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