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Merchant Marine Items

Production Activities

MM cannot build/convert a QCB (they could only build a TCB or CB if it were a system produced by an MRR)

B4.20- remove direct build of QCB from rule.
Add to B4.20 "A QCB can only be upgraded from a TCB. It can not be built directly. It can not be produced from a TCB substitute (see B11.70)."

B4.21(new)- Example: to produce a QCB, an empire would have to first build a CB which takes two turns (or upgrade a smaller base to a CB). They would then need to upgrade the CB to a TCB over a period of two more turns. Finally the TCB would be upgraded to a QCB in a single turn (this step would require a SC2 conversion slot). Starting from a preexisting TCB or CB would reduce the time from 5 turns to 1 (TCB) or 3 (CB).

B4.10- remove direct build time from B4.10(b)- convert only.

Other Bits

QCB uses the printed morale on the turn report not temporary modifiers like in B6.20

MM units may not have special (outstanding, green, or poor) crews

(C20.160) Mega fighters may not be purchased nor used by the Merchant Marine.

(C20.300) Add before the last sentence: "Top Gun pilots may not be purchased nor assigned to units in to the Merchant Marine, nor may they be used on police ships or National Guard ships."

(E1.213) The Merchant Marine may not operate nor build fighters, interceptors, or PFs that are in prototype status [(B11.86) - Prototype Division Office, (C20.60) PFs, (C20.71) Fighters].

(E1.214) As exceptions to (E1.213): An empire's first fighters (not gunboats) may be assigned to Merchant Marine units. These fighters would have to be purchased by the military however. Bomber prototypes may be purchased and deployed by the Merchant Marine.

(E1.215) Merchant Marine ships may not have better attrition units than any military unit (i.e. if the military has any INTs in service, the MM may not have PFs; if the UFP military has F4 or F8 fighters in service the MM may not have F18s). This includes PF shield refits and fighter refits (F14/F14A/...).

MM may not have special fighters (mega, top gun, similar).

MM may not have better fighters than any military unit (including bases)

Units in SR can not use sensors to see stuff on the map. Units transfered to the military ("M" fleets) can however.

B4.10- remove breakdown and turn mode data from CB/TCB.

(E7.0)- Randomizer is only needed for the freighters. Support hulls (F-ML, for example) and trading pact units do not need it installed and gain nothing from having it installed.

(R7.0)- Randomizer does increase the BPV of a F-L/F-S. This changes the MM income under E1.10(a).

The division of forces under B2.60 is based upon the undamaged state of the ships, not their current (possibly damaged) one.

Ships in a convoy defense state have to be recalled from convoy defense in order to be repaired. You may write orders for the squadron(s) assigned to convoy defense to have damaged ships broken off at the end of the turn.

Ships assigned to convoy defense MAY get replacement fighters (including MRS), INT, and PF.

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