Combat Enhancement Tech (CET)

This tech upgrades the strategic capabilities of the WarDN/CW//HDW/DW classes (including X tech versions of them) by optimizing their full war capabilities.

This tech only works if a SQ has its full allotment of ships for the empire's command rating (B1.105, B1.110, B1.115, B1.120). All of the ships in the squadron must be DNW, CW, HDW, and/or DW class ships (D17.40's limits still apply). If the squadron meets those requirements, these additional capabilities are available to it:

This tech is only available after a successful R&D project (D1.0) and has a YIS Y172



Generic Empire-- CW = 110EPV, CWL = 132EPV with a CAN of 7)

CWL,7xCW (+1 to searches, +1RX, SFB D9.7 of 2DF)
776EP (assumes 24% CWSY discount)


Normal (CAN-3)
602EP (assumes 24% CWSY discount)