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Exotic Tech Rules

Exotic Tech. Exotic Tech is substantially more difficult to develop than "regular" tech. These rules modify the general concepts/limits/costs from the rest of the R&D rules. An empire can't research Exotic Tech until it has seen it.

Exotic Technology is generally intended to cover development of things that are extragalactic in nature. As such, costs are higher and advances are less effective.

The threshold for a roll via the scientific method is 200 EPs instead of 100 EPs. Chances for success improve every 200 EPs instead of for every 100 EPs (ie., 1200 EPs would be an automatic success, not 600 EPs). A Legendary Professor counts as adding 100 EPs to the running total. Observation levels provide the listed rates (25/50/75/100 EPs). Resource Allocation Tech (RAT) cannot be used to work on Exotic Techs.

Mass Investment may not be used to develop Exotic Technology.

An empire needs success on one project and then a success on a new from scratch project to develop a tech (you cannot start funding the 2nd project until the 1st completes). Successes that advance the availability date of a tech move it up by 1/2 a year instead of a full year.

Once developed, Exotic Tech is considered Unique Tech

Example 1: If an empire wanted to advance the date of an Exotic Tech unit or capability, they’d get their 1st roll at 200 EPs (1 in 6 chance; it would increase to 2 in 6 at 400 EPs). The advance would be 1/2 a year. Example 2: If an empire wants to develop an Exotic Tech, they’d need to start a project. At 200 EPs they'd get their 1st roll. Once they get a success, they'd have to start a new project from scratch and get a success with it in order to acquire the tech.

Exotic Tech Projects

Warp Dampening Deadpulse (WDD)- Exotic

This tech is is used by coming to tactical battle range by plotting a WS or FLY.
A special ship needs to be converted to a WDD ship. It costs +100EPV. It must be in a SQ of ships of at least 750BPV total points, and the WDD ship must have at least 4xSpecial Sensors in order to function. It will noted with a & suffix. (Example: DDS&).
Delivery is by a successful WS or FLY attack. BM does negate the attack. LA/LA+ functions as normal. Unlike a normal open space WS or FLY this one cannot be declined. Note that the WS/FLY attack ONLY deploys the WDD and does not do the usual special damage associated with a FLY or WS.
Upon a successful delivery (WS or FLY) the following occurs:

This tech is only available after an R&D project and no sooner than Y200.

Trans Dimensional RX (TDMV; A form of RX MV)

It is an offensive RX.
Once a TDRX has been earned (see D2.20), you may jump 3 hexes (4 hexes if your HPM capable) in any direction at anytime during the turn (not with 8 segments of a previous TDRX). It costs 1/2 of your movement to activate (round up). Please note that this may exceed your total normal MV. (If you had a D5, it has a MV of 4 with HPM, 2 are used for the TDRX (allowing a jump of 4 hexes), 2 might be used for normal movement before the TDRX, making it an effective 6 total for the turn). A SQ can only use TDRX 1/turn.
On the segment you activate TDRX, plot out the hexes of your TDRX travel (even though your not actually using standard movement chart in following this path), the next segment you will arrive at your chosen hex, effectively skipping over all but the last of your MV plot (exception see below).
When you complete the jump you conduct a RX SS and may not perform any other offensive RXs.
It ignores the effects of all strategic MX (but not LcMX).
While using TDRX you cannot be pursued, sensored, or intercepted (except as described below).
This tech is only available after an R&D project and no sooner than Y188.


Things that cant use TDMV:

XRay Generator (XRG)

When employed a stream of X-Rays fills a hex and moves up to four hexes in a straight line from its source. Its strategic movement is considered the speed it was set.

On the turn of firing if a unit ENDS its movement when a XRG hits its last hex of MV, they suffer the effects listed below. On the second turn any unit not already effected by the XRG cloud can suffer the effects the first time it enters the XRG cloud hex at any point in the turn. Upon launch it appears as a radiation source, and detectable. It would deploy in its last hex of its MV as a MX does in the sequence of play. It dissipates at the very end of the following turn (it will be seen on the map for a turn, effectively a two turn weapon effect). Any unit may plot "evasion" on a XRG cloud.
It doesn't affect anything on a system (or in orbit). It effects all units, even your own. It works in all terrain and suffers no movement effects through any terrain. It may be fired 1/turn not with 8 segments of the last firing.
When the XRG Cloud is in a system hex all units are treated as if they had tech listed in #7, and if they already had such a technology they suffer none of the effects noted above. Also note that the locations of SQ are import as only one friendly SQ can be at a system unless AM is used continuously.

There are no cumulative effects of multiple XRGs, even if more than one cloud ends in the same hex as a SQ. A SQ can only suffer any of the effects 1/turn, no matter how many clouds they might pass through.

  1. All UnNav space rules (A300.00) are in force for the duration units are stuck in the cloud.
  2. Any MRR simply skips a turn of production.
  3. 1/4th of the crew units on the ships are killed.
  4. SFB rules D9.7 and D9.4 are assumed to be used for the turn.
  5. Any unshielded attrition units are destroyed (external bays, mech links, etc.). Any units that do NOT use shields (Andros, sublight ships, armor only) will suffer 2d6 of damage as well.
  6. Until brought a repair facility of at least a BATS or greater 1/2 of a unit's special sensors cease to function.
  7. Any units that have Harmonic Shields tech or are any kind of X technology lose only 1/8 of crew and don't suffer damage (Effect 4 doesn't apply). They suffer the loss of the only 1/4th of their EW channels (these are actual EW channels).

A special unit must be constructed. It can be:

This tech is only available after an R&D project and no sooner than Y200.

Strategic Force Field (SFF)

This tech creates a linear force field across 2 BATS (or larger bases; the bases don't have to be the same type) in open space. You can network as many as you like. One network is a unbroken continuous line of linked bases (this may be a closed loop or an open "line", the line may have curves). They cannot cross into a system hex nor into unsurveyed/UnNav space (a radiation zone is legal). There must be a BATS or larger base in every other hex. You may add/subtract bases to change the size of the covered area.

Effect: If an non allied unit tries to pass a hex covered this tech they are immediately detected. Cloaks and DisDevs do NOT work when they hit a SFF. A unit that hits a SFF (unless it has Harmonic Shields-II tech) immediately does a SS RX. If they had HSII then the lose a single MV to cross. If stopped you are considered on the "outside" of the field. Units moving via hyperwarp mode 1 are stopped. Units moving via WORM or hyperwarp mode 2 are not.

Any non X ships that hits the device takes 1d3 of damage.

If a base is destroyed that part of the network goes down immediately. Any additional costs to keep the newly running "extra" networks running are paid next turn if desired. A field is established at the end of the turn (similar to a MX).

Cost: Each SFF network costs 35EP/turn/base to operate. If you have more than one network (you might have some networks not in contact with others, then the price increases 25% for each network).

This tech is only available after an R&D project and no sooner than Y198.