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All Things X1 Tech related


A HDWX counts against the SC3 CWX limit in C19.40 on a one-for-one basis. In other words- at most 5 may be in an X squadron.

On the SC3 X ship limits in C19.40. It is more precise to say:
qty 4 SC3 X ships (of any sort, i.e. those based upon- CA, NCA, CW, CL, etc.)
qty 5 SC3 X ships (CWX, CLX, or similar non CA/NCA types, and smaller than those types)
qty 6 SC3 X ships if they are CLX based.
So, you can have: 4xCAX or 2xCAX + CWX + CLX (for example) under the "max of 4" version. Or you can have 5xCWX or 2xCWX + 3xCLX (for example) under the "max of 5" version, or you can have 6xCLX under the "max of 6" version.

The CCX is a command ship (see D6.40). You may thus replace one and only one CAX in an X squadron (C19.40 stacking limit) with a CCX.

Generally speaking, any SC3 X ship with a command rating of 10 is considered a CCX (example: the Klingon DXD). Some empires may have exceptions to this (the Romulan KEX and Lyran NAX would be candidates)- the GM should make a ruling in their campaign for this.

A NAX (NCA converted to X tech) is considered to be a CAX (or possibly a CCX- see above) for stacking purposes.

Some examples of X squadrons (legal unless labeled otherwise):
CCX, 3xCAX, DWX/FFX to taste (and command limits)
CCX, 3xNAX, DWX/FFX to taste (and command limits)
CCX, 3xCAX, HDWX, DWX/FFX to taste - this is not legal since the HDWX would mean this squadron has 5 X "cruisers"
3xCWX, CWSX, HDWX, DWX/FFX to taste
BB, DN, BCH, CCX, 3xCAX, assorted ships (no additional CCX/CAX/NAX/CWX/HDWX)
BB, DN, BCH, CC, CCX, 3xCAX, assorted ships (no additional CCX/CAX/NAX/CWX/HDWX) - this is not legal since it has two CC type ships (the CCX and the CC).
XCA, 4xCAX, assorted ships (no CCX/CAX/NAX/CWX/HDWX)
2xXCA, 4xCAX, assorted ships (no CCX/CAX/NAX/CWX/HDWX) - this is not legal since, in a mixed squadron, the XCA is considered a command hull


If you R&D a specific X tech ship (example: DDX) then you get ONLY that ship early, but it has full X capabilities.
If you R&D X Tech in general, then you get the first level for ALL X capable units (typically CCX, CAX, NAX, HDWX, DDX, FFX) but...
all C19 rules are in force except the following rules which are not implemented:
C19.30) Sections c, d, f.
The BPV of a partial X tech unit is 16% less than its normal fully X unit, it will costs 1.2 times that BPV in EPV. Example: A full CAX normally may be 270EPV ((direct build cost- includes the +20% surcharge)) / 225BPV, level I CAX would be 227EPV/189BPV.
A partial X tech ship can later be refitted to full X tech.
All basic combat mods are halved, rounded up. So the above partial CAX would be 25/24- a "true CAX" would get +6AF and +3DF per Appendix 1/D, the partial X one only gets +3AF and +2DF.


A partial X tech ship can later be refitted to full X tech.

New Construction

X1 ships (and others) may have discounts and surcharges when built. All such numbers are added when the unit is built. A partial X1 specific list:
"war" hull discounts - these are specifically NOT allowed with X1 tech
"FF" discounts -20%
X production surcharge +20%
BB surcharge - only in play if an empire somehow gets BBX tech
obsolete design surcharge +30%
empire production cost modifier +/-???%
autoSY/SYspec discounts

SnipeX from scratch in a generic shipyard: -20% (FF), +20% (X), +30% (obsolete) Net result 30%
SPCX from scratch in an automated shipyard: +20% (X), -15% (sySpec), -10% (autoSY) Net result: -5% Note: The shipyard would have to be a SC3SY, not a CWSY.
SKSX from scratch in a specialized shipyard: +20% (X), -15% (sySpec) Net result: 5% Note: The shipyard would have to be a SC4SY, not a DWSY.
NHX converted from a NHK that was built in an autoSY: -25% (of NHK cost), 3rd turn (using a SB or other facility): BPV difference between the NHX and NHK
Since autoSY require the ship that is built to be a specific configuration, you can not produce a FFSX from a FFSSYA or a NHX from a NHKSYA.

Q: I want to produce a CWX, DWX, or empire specific "war" hull, but existing war hulls can not be converted to X tech. How do I do this?
A: You can direct build the CWX/DWX (with the 20% markup per C19.10) in a SC2/SC3/SC4 shipyard per C19.50, or you can build the CW/DW in the SC2/SC3/SC4 shipyard and convert it during construction (or the turn immediately after) to X tech. CW/CWX/DW/DWX hulls built this way would not get the B11.80 4% discount. Automated shipyard (B8.83) or shipyard specialization (B8.80) discounts would be applicable, as per C19.50. Note the constraints on specializing (or automating) a shipyard to build a smaller sized hull than the shipyard is designed for.
Q: I want to build a CL based X scout, DDX, or some other "obvious" variant X design.
A: With the publication of X1R, most empires have a good mix of X hulls. Unless there is a major hole in the published mix (like no X scout), you'll just have to make due with what is presently published. Most empires have a "hole" or three in their ship matrix.
Q: I have a major hole in my ship mix (and the GM has agreed that it is one). How would I fix it via R&D?
A: You would do R&D into the hull (crash, normal or a combination of the two). The "historical" date will be set by the GM (roughly the "historical" YIS of the other X tech hulls of similar size built by your empire, possibly later). If you wanted to move up that production date, you'd have to start a second R&D project to move the YIS date up.
Q: For an CCX hull (ex: Fed CX) do I need to use a SC3 conversion slot and an X conversion slot to build it?
A: No. You may convert a CA to a CX and only count it against the SC3 X conversion.

Other Rulings

(A14.10) X ships can use aegis. For IA tech to work for X ships IA, CEFO-I,II,III all must be successfully researched. CEFO-III is required, even if the group in question only has one or two escorts.
(A14.20) X-Ships included in a mixed X and non-X squadron may not use integrated aegis from a reserve position. X-ships in an elite X squadron may use integrated aegis regardless of reserve status
(A14.30) Effects. Each X ship applies 1DF (if SC3 X unit), or 1.5DF (if SC2X unit) or .5 (if SC4X) directly to enemy attrition units they target instead of ½ of their AF as normally described. Elite XSQ may double this damage. This damage is above and beyond the normal damage.
(A14.40) if any actual SFB defined escorts are present, and qualify, they ignore (A14.30) and do IA damage as described by (A14.0).
(C21.41) 2X-Ships generate double (A14.30) damage for IA attacks
(C19.30) i) When applying directed damage an elite X ship SQ reduces an attrition units DF by 15% (or 1).
X tech versions of war hulls (CWX, DWX, etc.) are considered "war hulls" for purposes of B3.70. They are thus not able to enter unsurveyed space. Since unnav space is treated as unsurveyed space for many things (this included), these ships can not enter unnav space.

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