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All Things X2 Tech related

Build Cost

X2 ships cost the price listed in the rules. autoSY and SYspec do not reduce the costs. Discounts (ex: the common 20% FF discount) do not apply to X2 hulls.

Change (C21.30) to read "These may not be built using specialized shipyards and automated shipyards." (Basically, add the "not" between "may" and "be".)

Change (C21.30) to read "Cost: XCA = 450 EPs, XDD = 230 EPs, and XFF = 170 EPs. This is the cost for starting the first one of each in a year. For each additional hull of a given class (XFF, XDD, XCA) built in a given year, add 15% to the cost, cumulative. You may always build one of each hull per year without the surcharge even if you built extras the previous year. Example: Building three XCA in a single year would cost 450 EPs for the first one, 518 EPs (1.15 x 450) for the second one, and 595 EPs (1.15 x 1.15 x 450) for the third ship, for a total of 1563 EPs. Example 2: Building 2 XFF per turn for two years: the first XFF would cost 170 EPs. The second would cost 196 EPs (170 x 1.15). The third would cost 225 EPs (170 x 1.15 x 1.15), and the 4th would cost 259 EPs (170 x 1.15 x 1.15 x 1.15). The four built in the second year would follow the same pattern."


The XCA is not a command ship for purposes of D6.40 if it is in X2 SQ, but is if it is in a mixed (X2/X1/non-X SQ)


X2 ships are considered SC2 units for purposes of prototypes- the YIS date is the first turn an empire can build a given hull.

Having XCA tech gives you the ability to convert SC3 SYs for X2 production, not SC4 yards. Having XDD and/or XFF tech gives you the ability to convert SC4 SYs for X2 production, not SC3 yards.

Build Rate

For purposes of C21.30, the "year" is defined as a two turn rolling window. This means you can not build an XFF (or XDD) two turns in a row, even if the year rolls over in the middle. Similarly, XCA production is every other turn. This means that in order to avoid surcharges, you'll typically have a SC3 shipyard building XCA's and a SC4 shipyard alternating between XFF and XDD builds.

A SC3 X2 shipyard may build SC4 X2 hulls, just as normal SC3 SYs may build SC4 hulls.

Production Planning

This is an example of how to plan for X2 production.

By the book, the first X2 units are available in Y198. It takes one turn to convert the shipyard over. It takes two turns to build a SC3 hull and one turn to build SC4 ones. This means that in order to produce your first XDD (or XFF) in Y198.1, you'll need to convert the SC4SY in Y197.1 and issue the build order in Y197.2's orders. This way your new XDD (or XFF) is ready for use in Y198.1. For a XCA, the shipyard change happens in Y196.2.

You can not convert a shipyard in advance of those dates in anticipation of R&D moving up the date. For example an empire that didn't have PDO (or the like) in Y195.2 couldn't convert the shipyards in anticipation of also getting PDO. A similar corner case exists with timed tech research into the project- you could "jump" from not having the tech at all (and being unable to convert shipyards) to being able to start ships if only you'd have converted a shipyard...


Note that the X2 hulls have different scout capabilities:
XCA - four special sensors with ESS included. ISS and AAP upgrades can be installed (use the X1 scout percentages for the surcharge costs)
XDD - two special sensors with ESS included. Not capable of ISS/AAP upgrade.
XFF - four (generic) special sensors . ESS, ISS, and AAP upgrades can be installed.

ESS, ISS, and AAP Costs *
HullGeneric Hull Cost ESS Cost (refit cost) ISS Cost (refit cost) AAP Cost** (conversion cost) ISS to AAP Cost*** (conversion cost)
XCA450****653 (203)900 (450) (248)
XCT660****957 (297)1320 (650) (363)
XCAL700****1015 (315)1400 (700) (385)
XDD230****N/AN/A N/A
XFF *****170226 (56)328 (56+102)452 (56+226) (124)
XFL *****260346 (86) 502 (86+156)692 (86+346) (190)

* Costs are based upon starting from a generic XCA, XDD, XFF, etc.; costs in ()'s are the refit/conversion cost to an existing ship. Surcharges for multiple X2 builds (C21.30) are not included.
** Costs are based upon starting from a generic XCA, XDD, XFF, etc.
*** Costs are based upon starting from a generic XCA, XDD, XFF, etc. that has ESS and ISS installed already.
**** Hull includes ESS in price
***** Hull doesn't include ESS in price; refit and conversion costs are x+y where x is the ESS cost and y is the ISS/AAP cost. Because the hull lacks ESS in its BPV, use the 60%/133% rates for non-X scouts, not the 45%/100% X scout rate. The AF of the unit _is_ reduced when ESS is installed (this is an exception to (C19.30)(c)).

Integrated Aegis

See the X1 page for IA/X1/X2 interactions

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