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Military Aspects


NTW hulls can move 2 if outstanding crew
NTW hulls can use DTM and TWM

Reactionary Movement

C4.20 - AM refers to LocMX.
AMd groups count as one for reinforcement purposes.
WS and FLY and most RX should reference annex 3/E for interactions.
D2.33a needs a caveat that says "For this to work EACH SQ must employ a BM, even if they are AM."


Refits of a ship being built do not count against refit limits,
CWH (3/4MC CWs) are bought at list price (change B11.82)- they do not get the 4% CW discount. They are built in CWSYs (1 turn to build).

Stacking DNs

By the rules, a battleship and a dreadnaught could both be in a SQ, but 2xBB or 2xDN could not.
Q: Could an archeo-tholian DN and a neo-tholian DN both be a SQ? They are independent hulls.
A1: Only if you want to make the Romulan player's day when he fields a squadron with a Condor, King Vulture, MegaHawk, and DemonHawk (the foreign ship rule makes the addition of a K9R or a K10R only useful for propaganda purposes).
A2: For those who wish the short form answer: No. BB, DN, CC, etc. are by class ("DN"), not hull (DN flavor A, DN flavor B, ...).

Stacking PFs

The wording in (C20) needs to reflect that casual INT/PFs (vs. those on a PFT) count against command limits once there are 6xINT/PFs in the squadron. PFs 1 to 5 are free, 6-11 count as one command slot, etc. Note that the limit is on gunboats in total, so 3xINT and 3xPF would use a command slot.


If there are two ships in the same hex, both of the same basic hull type and the same crew compliment, can you transfer supplies from one to the other to lower the number of turns out of supply count?
Example: Ship A is at supply count "4" (no strategic speed) and Ship B is at supply count "1". Can ship B transfer its supplies to ship A and swap the supply count, so that ship B then has a count of "4" and ship A has a count of "1"?...Ship B would then be the one to expire at the end of the turn.
A: No- supplies can not be transferred.
A2: Note that if you merge a squadron that is at 1 turn out of supply, and one that is three out of supply, the resulting squadron is 3 out of supply.

Stacking Squadrons

When you have multiple squadrons (counting an AM'd force as a "squadron" for this purpose), you should generally specify the order in which squadrons should be encountered by the other side. Lacking a specified order, the ordering is random so your CVA squadron with 9 other ships could come last...

CV Strike Clarifications

  1. For this rule a "squadron" of FTRS is defined as the total FTRS the CV carries.
  2. For bases and system defenses a "squadron" is defined as either/both:
    1. The entire system
    2. The amount of FTRS each units at the system hold (with ground bases in groups of 6).
  3. MX are ignored (i.e., a CV strike can occur across a minefield).
  4. The ordering of SQ does not apply when you are CV Struck (i.e. your "first SQ" is not necessarily the target)
  5. C20.620 does NOT allow you to attack with less than a squadron of fighters.
  6. C20.610 does not require all the FTRS to arrive from the same hex, just at the same time. This does mean that one could have, say two CVAs in different hexes, and they could take all 48 of their FTRs and attack a shared hex as a single attack.

Special Crew

Can newly built National Guard units be given special crews (or trained)?
Can PF/INT have special crew (or trained).
Add to C9.20- R1 units can not have special crews, nor can PF/INT/gunboats.
Add to C20 (somewhere) that gunboats may not have special crews.
Add to B11.120 that National Guard units can not have special crew.
Remove B12.100's allowing special crew on gunboats.
Remove C9.60's allowing special crew (green) on gunboats.

Odds and Ends

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