Keyword:s shock, repair
Ships suffering from shock can only get fixed at their own repair facility, not an allied one.
(C16.10) Shock is described by SFB Rule (D23.0). Any ship that is suffering from shock effects is under the following restrictions:
a) The ship must return to a SB-sized (or larger) military base, an FRD, or a shipyard for an overhaul. The repairing unit must belong to the same empire as the ship. This overhaul costs nothing but takes 1 segment.

Keywords: MRR
Advanced (B3.80) and Accelerated (B3.90) MRR questions. Q: If I go for these advances does the tech immediately become available to MRR groups?
A: Yes
Q: Can I add a 4th SR to a MRR group that is already involved in an MRR without losing progress made?
A: No
Q: Can I add a 4th SR to a MRR group before Advanced MRR is completed in anticipation of receiving it?
A: No
Q: According to rule B3.50, when multiple SR's are working on a MRR, they must begin in unison. Does that apply to adding a 4th once you research AdvMRR?
A: Yes. However many ships you start a MRR with is how many you are stuck with until the MRR completes or is abandoned.
Q: Is a CPP treated like any other base in that I build it in the hex being surveyed? Or do I build it elsewhere and use a tug to get it there?
A: Build in place is, generally speaking, the better choice (I assume there exists a corner case where it does not).
Q: Is a CPP equivalent to a CPL in that it can be upgraded to a CB (B11.70)?
A: For our purposes CPL and CPP are the same.
Q: Can a new LX (Legendary Explorer) join an in progress MRR?
Q: Can a new LX (Legendary Explorer) leave an in progress MRR?
A: No. An LX must be a part of an MRR when it is started, and stay with it until it completes.
B3.70 should note that an NSR can perform an MRR (and by extension, can enter unsurveyed and/or unnav space).
Exploration freighters (F-ES/F-EL) can not supply themselves when performing an MRR. They must be supplied by a ship capable of carrying cargo to them for supply.

For clarity, a system being created from an MRR would follow these steps:

  1. The first turn it gets to or passes 11%, you need to build the CPP.
  2. The first turn it gets to or passes 15%, you may decide to make it a minor system (past that it must be completed as a major system).
  3. On the turn you declare it to be a system, the MRR income boost is 0%; support ships (SR, FPL, etc.) can not move; you can not build anything; the system shows up on the map at the end of the turn. In a variant game, building can happen at this point in time.
  4. Once on the map, the MM can begin building required stuff (TCB/CB, bases, etc.). At this point, support ships (F-OL, FPL, FOP, etc.) or an SR can now move. The system would also show up on your turn report with the CPP, its morale, name, and size (minor/major). Until the MM has built all required items, the military can not build anything.
  5. Note that until the system is on the map, you can not build anything for the system (BS, CB/TCB, etc.), even if it has passed the 15% mark and is committed to a major. Note- this corrects/changes an earlier version of this answer which said the opposite.

A major system that is created via an MRR is only a major system for various bonuses and penalties (ex: an 8th major system) when the TCB, BS, etc. are completed.

Keywords: CSV, scout carrier
CSV special rules.
1) The units must have defined escorts. (C20.70)
2) When PFs begin normal production (not prototype) the cost of a CSV goes up 20%/year until it reaches a maximum of +200%EPV.
3) It is a unit that cannot use ESS (C5.60)
4) This ruling applies to X-tech CSV class ships as well (ex: Romulan SPUX).
Rationale: The CSV is a PFT in all but execution. It is thus placed under many of the same restrictions.
Rationale2: We generally refrain from providing exhaustive lists for ship classes by name as every time ADB publishes a new R (or C) module, we have to retrofit the list (a secondary concern would also be copyright issues- quoting large chunks of a published work is a no-no). That burned us with the Aux hulls (this is why the size class 3 ones require a shipyard and the size class 4 ones do not rule is there. There are a few ships that one might reasonably argue should be in the other category, but the size class rule is far less complex to keep current.).
One can safely assume that a "scout carrier" is: a ship that has SS and about 12 spaces of fighters, has a YIS around the time of the first PFT (or PFT-X) for that empire (X tech ones are typically the mid Y180's), and has assigned escorts (CSV-X typically have non-X escorts). It probably is called a scout carrier in its R section.
SRs with fighters are specifically not considered scout carriers although in many cases the effect is similar.

Keywords: annexing
annexing must be done with single group- no hand off. Note that multiple SQs can annex in case one gets disrupted or destroyed.
ships cannot be added to a squadron which is annexing

Keywords: convoy duty
A squadron on CD sends out components to do convoy battles. Can a CV squadron be on CD since it is supposed to be a cohesive unit?
JDB: Escorts stay with CV, they are treated as one large unit
Q- does this apply to consorted units (troop, maulers); how to handle shortfalls

Keywords: bases
bases limits for C3.20 - CB/TCB counts; things sub'd for a CB/TCB allow you to exceed this limit (if they are all the bases) but must be as specified (i.e. can not upgrade MB to something larger)
B4.10- TCB can only be upgraded from CB, takes 2 turns
B11.70- Bases can be upgraded. Empires do not get free base upgrades at any time. Bases have flat fees (in EPs and crew) for each upgrade in size. Producing an X Tech base (C19.20), QCB (B4.20), or bases larger than a StarBase (B11.75, B11.77, Stellar Fortress) require conversions. Upgrading a base to and including a TCB or SB does not require a conversion.
Upgrading a base or shipyard and converting/unconverting a base/shipyard can be done in tandem.
In other words:
KESYA → KCNSYA (that'd be a automated KE/SC3 to automated KCN BB/SC2 yard change)
SC4SY → SupSY (SC4 to specialized SC3)
all take one turn plus applicable funds and crew units.
While realism would dictate that it would take several turns, record keeping encourages the done in one path.
The pods added to a MB (even the cargo pods) may not have skids and/or ducktails.

Keywords: shipyards
Specialized and automated shipyards can only be configured for units of their size class- a SC2SY can not be specialized or automated for a SC3 or SC4 unit. A shipyard specialized and/or automated for the smaller sized ship is downgraded to the smaller sized shipyard (no refunds, so don't turn your SC2SY into a SC3SY or SC4SY!).
A FRD can not be specialized for a SC4 unit.
Specialized and automated shipyards can only be configured to produce ships- not PFs, INT, FTR, or other non-ship units.
Specialized and automated shipyards can refit and convert ships even those for which they are not specialized or automated. Example: A D7BSYA could convert a D6 to a D6M.
A ship with improved mauler (ex: +Falcon) or ESS/ISS/AAP (+GSC, ++GSC, +++GSC) may be built at an automated shipyard (FALCONSYA/GSCSYA). The shipyard can not be configured as a +++GSCSYA/++GSCSYA/+GSCSYA. Any costs for the improved mauler or special sensor upgrades are NOT discounted by shipyard specialization or automation.

Keywords: MRS, attrition units
A4.10 says "ship" when talking about MRS when it should say unit.
MRS deployment doesn't track the SFB rules perfectly. GC allows more ships to have an MRS. Generally speaking:
If a ship description (SFB R section) says it may have one (or two), it may have that many.
If the unit is a SC4 or larger base (that has shuttles), it may have an MRS
If a warship is SC3 or larger, and doesn't have a poor (or green) crew, it may have an MRS.
The SFB J8.512 limit of 3 per squadron is not enforced.

Keywords: attrition units, refits, minefields, prototypes
PF-M acts like a MSS in C4.25
INT prototypes- may build 6 per year
Fighter, heavy fighter, and bomber refits- when a refit is available for a fighter class (F14A to F14B for example), you may refit as many as you want for the difference in EPV. Only fighters that are in your space and in supply may be refitted this way, not those out of supply or in expeditionary forces. Note that some refits are obvious (F14A/F14B) while others require digging into SFB R section text for the fighter.
When you can build FTRS/INT, you get AUX support freighters (example: AuxCVL or AuxPFL). You also get the associated ground bases (example: BHB for heavy bombers) and base modules (example: fully capable HBM with fighter tech). Note however you do NOT get any military ships like CV or PFT unless you researched them as well.
Note that empires which get fighters before Y160 (generally speaking, the Romulans and Hydrans) may end up with Y-HBM (4 fighters) or Y-tech ground bases until closer to the Y160 timeframe (you'll need to look at the empire's Master Starship Book for precise dates on the cutovers).

Keywords: mines, minefield crossing, AM
This has to do with minefields.
C4.10 says that a minefield can only be placed on a hex spine.
C4.20 says you can use AM to let several squadrons pass at the same time.
D2.34 states that squadrons using AM cannot leave the strategic hex in which they were assembled?
So how can AM let you cross a MX since it seems you would have to move from one hex to another to cross the minefield?
MX == minefield
AM == Assembly movement
Basically, you have several ways to cross a minefield in Galactic Conquest-
1) If the crossing squadron has a minesweeper (per the relevant note in G3 or similar chart) then they can move at speed through the minefield.
2) If the squadron has enough minesweeping shuttles they can also move unhindered. The shuttles may not survive the experience however.
3) You can glue several squadrons together via AM and as long as 1 or 2 apply, you can still move at speed (the AM will cost you movement point(s) however). Note that this option is only available for LcMX, not a strategic MX.
4) You can, lacking a MS/MSS, run the minefield- this voids your ships' warranties and will result in damage.
5) You can just burn a movement point and cross that way.
The game designer would have to answer the handwavium, but I assume that you are AM'd going through the minefield, but as soon as you are through and in the new hex, you are no longer AM'd.
In practice, 3 and 5 are the same thing unless there is a battle occurring in the hex you are leaving, or you are running into timing issues (speed 3 would move on segment 4, 8, and 12 with one of those being the "minefield" movement point, while the AM would move on 6 & 12 plus using the AM somewhere in there).
Note that a Local Minefield (LocMX) around a system or base is slightly different- then 3 and 5 are NOT the same. This is the most common version of the "battle" exception.
Disclaimer- there may be some corner cases I'm missing, but I think we are at the "i before e, except after c" level here.

Keywords: unnav, movement
(A202.10) Navigating UnNav Space: To turn UnNav space into unsurveyed space, an SR must spend Segments 1-12 in an UnNav hex (Note that this is done continuously through a turn. It is not 12 consecutive segments over several turns). If the SR is not disrupted [see (B3.6)], then the hex becomes unsurveyed on Segment 1 of the next turn.
The intent is an actual SR, not a generic scout. UNav space should be hard to deal with.
Note that FEL/FES count as an SR. They specifically can explore unnav space just as well as an SR.

Keywords: reserve, ES, special attack
Note that while a Electronics Specialist (ES) Legendary Officer can nullify special attacks, the "Reserve Status" special attack is an exception to this rule.

Keywords: X1/X2, computer operated ships
(C9.10) should forbid X1 and X2 hulls from being computer operated. (C19) and (C21) should have back references to this as well.

Keywords: towing, DTM, TWM
(D1.30) should note that towing can not be done in conjunction with DTM, TWM, and hyperwarp.


Keywords: supply
Bases at a system stay in supply, even if the system is cut off from the homeworld.
ships at a system stay in supply, ships in open space are considered out of supply (note: the supply ticker stops, but does not reset for a squadron that is parked at such a system)
system- as long as it is not blockaded, supplies for the system's infrastructure are not an issue. Systems generate a small amount of income (10EPs for a minor, 13EPs for a major, plus any core income or income from a QCB). This is per system and only usable at that system. I.e., if you have 3 systems cut off, you have 3 small budgets even if they are all in the same chunk (i.e., while F&E would have a primary and secondary grid, GC would treat it as a primary and three secondaries).
note various rules for transferring EPs via ship, GBC, or smuggling would be applicable.


Keywords: radiation zone, unnav space
A300.00 will need to be changed- "No technology can create an artificial radiation zone." - exception creation of UNnav space via A210.0

Open Space Bases

Keywords: MM, open space base
The following only applies to open space bases.

  1. The base is an investment of FL,2xFS (see E1.35) and the cost of the base itself.
  2. If it is in a hex being sensored by your enemy, they will get a report that a hidden base is being assembled (or something along those lines).
  3. U5 gives a bonus to search for a base that was set up (or activates and then goes hidden within view of an enemy) within sensor range (2 hexes +1, 1 hex +2, same hex +3).
  4. The hex can be convoy raided (see Appendix 2, 2/A. Convoy Raiding).
  5. If you win the battle your annexation attempt is not disrupted.
  6. C13.34 says you can not survey/annex and convoy raid, it doesn't say you can't annex and look for hidden base.
  7. You could drop 3 or 4 bases in the hex, and they all have to be found. Note that the E1.35 requirements are per base, not hex in which there are base(s).
  8. A front can cross a hidden base, but not an active one.
  9. A base may not be built (but can be finished) in an enemy occupied hex.
  10. A base cannot "hide" until it is complete.

Enhanced Special Sensors

Keywords: ESS
Note that ESS may be installed on Auxiliary scouts such as the LAS and SAS (Auxiliary PFTs would be forbidden under the PFT exclusion).
ESS may not be installed on CVs (including ACS, DCS, BCS, and similar ships). SR based CVs are a partial exception to this.
ESS may not be installed on light PFTs.
ESS (as well as ISS and AAP) stacks with special crew (outstanding or poor crews)- first you add/subtract the special sensor of the base hull, then you double the special sensor count.

Trade Pact Raiding

Keywords: TP Raiding
B2.70 (the TP raiding rule) - the "functions just like convoy raiding" means that you have to be in a trade route hex of the empire being raided. It need not be anywhere near the TR hexes that support the TP (so a Romulan TR hex near the Tholian border could be raided even if the Romulan's only TP is with the Gorns).

Unnav space

Keywords: unnav space, LX
A202.11) Turning unnav space into unsurveyed space is not "surveying" for purposes of Legendary Explorer (LX) rapid exploration bonuses [(A12.30)(l)].
(A12.30)(l) See also (A200.0)

Crew Quality and Battle

Keywords: green crew, poor crew
(C9.52) requires the ship be at risk of taking signficiant damage in order to have a chance of learning.

Death Rider Tech (C20.500)

Keywords: death rider, crew units
(C20.525) All crew units freed up as a result of a unit being converted to Death Rider status are added to stock.

Searching for stuff

Keywords: X2, hidden bases, cloaks
If you expend multiple movement points in a given hex searching, you get a die roll modifier. For example, the default search is 1 in 6 (before modifiers). If a SQ used 3 movement points instead of 1, the chance would become 3 in 6 (before modifiers).
The maximum movement modifier for searching is 6 (this is typically an X2 SQ or a tricked out X1/HPM one).

Special Crew & Special Sensors

Keywords: special sensors
A poor crew doesn't reduce a ship below one special sensor.

X ground bases

Keywords: X1
The 6 ground bases converted to X1 tech need not all be at the same location (ex: GPC have a stacking limit of 1/system so you could use one conversion to convert 6 at 6 different systems).

MRS effects

Ships may have an MRS based upon their size class (consult SFB rules). Some ships may have two.
A MRS adds one AF and one DF to the battle on the side it is fighting for (basically a single ship fighter). It has a 50% chance of being destroyed in battle.

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