Section F Errata

Added "The map must show a hex as yours before you may write interdiction orders." to (F1.30):
(F1.30) Interdiction. Interdiction is one of the most important defensive tools empires have to attempt to block an attacker from moving into or through their space (or to at least slow them down). The map must show a hex as yours before you may write interdiction orders. It allows a defender to put ships in the way of an opponent attempting to enter a hex or move through a hex to a static defensive position (system, open space base, etc.). Putting ships in the way may require some or all of the advancing opponent’s units to pause and deal with the interdicting units, or decline the battle and stop moving deeper into enemy space for the turn.

For clarity, added "elgible" to (F1.35)(c)(ii), and a cross reference to C2.10 which enumerates when they are elgible for use.
F1.35 …(c)(ii): The invading SQs may attempt to use reactionary movement (RX) (C2.0) to bypass (BM). However, the defender may also be able to use eligible RX (see (C2.10)), such as bottleneck (BN) to counter the use of BM.
Wording change for clarity to F8.10 and added F8.05 to avoid a circular definition.
(F8.05) Hex in Supply. Supplies orignate at an empire's homeworld. A hex belonging to an empire is in supply if it can trace a string of in hexes owned by that empire that are themselves in supply back to the homeworld.
(F8.10) Units In Supply. A squadron (or base or system) is in supply if it is in its own space and that space (hex) is itself in supply (F8.05). If the squadron is behind its own lines at any point in the turn, its supplies are replenished (supply ticker resets). If it is out of supply at the end of the turn, its supply ticker increments. A squadron stationed at a base or system under blockade (F7.0) isn't in supply, but its supply ticker doesn't get incremented.

(F8.13) Any time your are supplied by another empire, in order to reset your supply ticker, exped costs must be paid. Exception: Outposts: (H3.70)
(F8.18) Resupply via Cargo. The values in (F8.15) are per turn. That is to say, a ship that had been out of supply for 3 turns would require three times the (F8.15) value to be fully "topped off". Hint: If you can get to your own space, your efficient logistics officers will provide any needed cargo. This rule is for operations behind enemy lines (Expeditionary Fleets (D21.0) covers operations in allied space).

(F9.10) When attacking, a front line may slowly (usually a turn behind) follow an empire’s advance (see (A4.80) for the corresponding map symbol). Once a front forms the need to annex hexes (D15.20) "behind" it is greatly lessened as it will be done automatically in cases where the GM feels you have undisputed control.