Star Fleet Battles
Galactic Conquest
Campaign Universe 5

Universe 5 is run by John Berg. As of Y170, things are heating up with what looks to be the start the our version of the General War in its opening stages. About a third of the empires are actively engaged in the conflict, with several more suspected of acting behind the scenes...
Current and historical maps for Universe 5.

Map Decoding Keys

Red hex- So called "UnNav Space". This is an area of space that some unknown force did something nasty to. Only survey ships can enter it, and their movement is limited even there. With effort, they can survey it well enough to turn it into ...

Dark Grey hex- Unsurveyed space. This is space that most military ships can enter (except the "War" classes). With years of effort, survey ships can turn it into an income producing system, or with a few months of work a scout can just incorporate it into the empire.

White hex- Surveyed space (also known as "Open Space"). Most empires have areas of space that have minimal interesting "stuff" in them.

Light Grey hex- Surveyed space with a trade route in it. This is a major convoy route in it. Think of this as a part of the USA's Interstate system. Some areas are flyover country, others have even more interesting things in them.

+ - A hex with a "+" in it contains a minor system. They produce some income and with further investment can be upgraded into...

O - A hex with an "O" in it has a major system. These systems produce much more income than a minor system.

* - If there is a base in the Open Space hex, it will be shown with this symbol. Exactly what type of base it is you'll have to get near enough to figure out.

Green hex- These are large radiation zones. They are not intense enough to be harmful to organic life, but they interfere with sensors, minefields, and cloaking devices.

dot on a hex spine- A hex spine with a dot in it represents a minefield.

Solid line on a hex spine- A hex spine with a solid line along it is a border.

Lines in the middle of a hex - This is a front line as two empires slug it out.


Y160.1 Map
To borrow a phrase from another Sci-Fi show "And So it Begins"- 22 empires started the game. They are a smattering of ones seen in Star Fleet Battles- some well known like the Tholians or Gorns, some simulator races like the FRAX, as well as more obscure ones.


Y165.1 Map
Five years have gone by. Nearly all of the unclaimed minor systems have been claimed. Many minor systems have been upgraded (or are in the process of being upgraded). The Vari and Jindarians have been fighting for some time and several other empires are active in the fight either as a second front or providing ships for an expeditionary force. Several potential minor systems at the junction of the Romulan/Vari/Jindarian border were obliterated as a part of the conflict.

The two UnNav space areas show signs of surveying. The Lyrans are the current economic powerhouse with 15 major systems. The Romulans also have 15 systems, but haven't managed to bring them up to their full economic potential.


Y170.1 Map
Another five years have passed and much of the galaxy has been claimed. The Vari/Jindarian conflict has become a ceasefire with a neutral zone (the ugly blue lines). UnNav space shows more signs of being under stress, particularly with the Seltorian's work. Nearly all of the minor systems have been upgraded to major ones, including the Romulans.

What could well be the opening shots in the "General War" is happening in ISC space. The ISC, Alunda, and FRAX are fighting in what was ISC space. The Drex and Gorn are involved to a lesser degree. Rumors of still more empires being active too are unconfirmed.